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Southwest Florida Area Local - American Postal Workers Union

In last month's Eagles Eye, We reported that we were having come difficulty resolving the issue of management paying our attorney's fees from our agreed upon settlement. Well, those issues were resolved and on March 21, 2016 I signed the $5.2 million agreement. Employees will be compensated for each month that they were working within the Fort Myers Installation from August 2000 through June 2006. There was a slight delay in the signing of this agreement due to the fact that it was critical to ensure that our local had leverage in moving forward on the second part (getting our work back and back pay from 2006 thru present) of the flats prep issue that has come up due to the result of Arbitrator Hales Award. We believe the work on the AFSM-100AI-ATHS is Clerk Craft Work and we will fight until there is no more to fight about on this issue.
Please understand that this arbitration award was not an open and shut case as many have come to believe. It was by no means easy to negotiate and settle. The National APWU was offered $4 Million to settle this same time frame for Fort Myers. Management does not negotiate such a large amount of money unless we apply pressure on them. Our local did this by hiring a Law Firm our of Miami (MaseLara). Richard Lara and his team convinced a Federal Court Judge that the parties needed to resolve the issue by negotiations and continued to apply pressure on the Postal Service with threats of litigation during the negotiation process. It was that pressure that gave Dan Gray, Paul McAvoy and Sam Wood the leverage to negotiate this multi-million dollar settlement that was larger than the U.S.P.S. wanted to settle for. This is the largest monetary settlement ever for the Southwest Florida Area Local and one of the largest settlements for a local Postal Union in the United States.
This has been a very difficult and long process for us personally. The process will remain a difficult one until we get a complete list of those entitled to this award along with the amounts owed. We hope that our members will work with us as we continue working through this process.
We have created and are listing a partial list of those employees (in this article) who we have identified that are entitled to a portion of this money. We understand the list will probably be much larger than this. We need your help in finding employees who are still current employees or who have retired that should be added to this list.
For those who are not on this list who want to be a part of this Class Action Settlement, you must contact our Business Office at (239)275-1007 or notify us via U.S. Mail at 11000 Metro Parkway Suite 8 Fortt. Myers, Florida 33966 prior to May 30, 2016. We need the following:
1) Your Name (Please include former last names used)
2) Approximate time worked in the Fort Myers Installation (only the dates between August 2000 thru June 2006)
3) Whether you are a current or former employee
4) Employee ID Number or Social Security Number
5) Current Address - Phone Number - E-mail address

Here Are the Current List of Name of Employees that are on the list to be compensated:

Allman, Jean
Almas Lewis, Debra
Anderson, Larry
Anderson, Nancy
Arrebola, Luis
Baer, Grace
Bailey, Silvia
Baisden Smith, Tammy
Baldwin, Keith
Balinski, George
Bard, Peggy
Battle, Senoritta
Beckler Cornell, Sandra
Beeler White, Staci
Bell, Joyce
Belloga, Rene
Bergman, Jolene
Billups, Randall
Blackburn, Madeline
Bohall, Sharinda
Bonham, Lori
Bowen, Lyle
Bowman, Julie
Boyle, John
Brazzel, Robert
Brocious, Robin
Brooks - Stewart, Marina
Brown, Corey
Brown, Sophia
Brown, Thomas
Bryan, Kenneth
Burgher, Terri
Burke, Mary Ann
Burney, Donna
Burrell, John
Cannon, Angelia
Carinci Karmeris, Janna
Carinci, Daniel
Carpus, Donald
Carr, Jamie
Carr, Barbara
Carroll, Diana
Carson, Judy
Carwile, Lisa
Cash, Gail
Cates Parbs, Karen
Cerin, Linda
Cesarino, Vincent
Cespedes, David
Cespedes, Kathleen
Clark, Barney
Cleaver, Kathryn
Clinton, Samuel
Cobb, Cathy
Coello, Cecilia
Coleman Corcoran, Karen
Condon, Janet
Connor, Lori
Connor, Sharyn
Cook, Kathleen
Cooper, Scott
Corrado, Diane
Crabill, Joyce
Cram, Lynne
Crews, Della
Crowley Sharpe, Jennifer
Cruz, Rufina
Currier Brock, Margaret
Curtis, Tameka
Davis, Clarice
Davis, Daisy
Davis, Tawana
Dees, Melissa
Deguzman, Jr. Benjamin
Delaquis, Gerry
Delpi, Colin
Devarona, Stephen
Diamond, Jane
Diaz Williams, Kathie
Dinkins, Jaudon
Dinschel, Michael
Dula, Marva
Dunna, R.
Eagan, Mary
Eben, Joan
Edwards, Elsadie
Edwards, James
Edwards, James
Eid, Marianne
Elek, Diane
Eliopoulos, Jeanette
Ellis-Ortiz, Chris
English, Penni
Erickson, Richard
Fair Wilkinson, Lorraine
Farris, Linda
Faulkner, William
Favata George, Heather
Feldmaier, Richard
Fenicle, James
Fermin, Josefina
Finley, Vivianne
Fitzpatrick, Crystal
Flores, Joan
Ford, Jeffrey
Fracek, Joseph
Francis, Rebecca
Franks, Dora
Fraser, Patricia
Fraser Sr., Paul
Gahafer, Laura
Garcia-Irene, Heriberto
Garvis, Vincent
Gaunt, Margaret
George, Donna
Getman-Gradwell, Leslie
Gibbs, Dwayne
Gilkeson, Tamara
Girard, Christine
Gleason, Rodney
Gluhareff, Felicia
Gobeil Steward, Denise
Gobeil, Martin
Gonzalez, Luis
Graf, Donna
Granderson, Linda
Grange, Michael
Grant, David
Gray, Daniel
Grebey III, Alvin
Grebey, Kay
Green, Barbara
Greenberg, Richard
Griggs, Anthony
Griswold, Lisa
Grout, William
Guerra, Richard
Hamilton, Mark
Handly, Robert
Hanisch, Steven
Hanners, Michael
Hansen, Mary
Hardiman, Patrick
Harmon, Annette
Harper, Kip
Harris, Robert
Hartley, Sr., James
Hartman, Kathy
Hartwig, Glenn
Harwig Lentz Haiber, Rhonda
Heese, Richard
Heinrich, Lynn
Hentkowski, Bonnie
Hernandez, Jose
Hervey Nunn, Virginia
Hines, Catherine
Hoerner, John
Hofer Furtado, Dawn
Hofer, Jr., Robert
Hogrefe, Cassie
Honchar, Rosalie
Hoover Smilovitz, Helen
Hoppe, Penny
Horton, Jerry
Howard Hartwig, Darla
Howard, Robin
Hunt, Dennis
Huston, Robert
Huston, Steven
Husz, Devant
Hutton, Douglas
Ireland, Ralph
Jackson, Vicky
Jacobs Rotolo, Michelle
Jacobsen, Norman
James, Barbara
Johnson Leos, Susan
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Deidre
Johnson, Janet
Johnson, June
Jones, Gwendolyn
Kantaris, Dorothy
Kantaris, John
Kapla, Linda
Karch, Susan L.
Karmeris Bodensky, Linda
Keister, Merri
Kelberer, Alex
Keller, Karen
Kelly, Joyce
Kelmar, Douglas
Kendera Yeugelowitz, Ann
Kennington Dinschel, Deborah
Kersey, Alice
Ketchmark, David
King, David
Kirkwood, David
Koerner Nelson, Nancy
Kolar, Lawrence
Krampen, Joyce
Kuhn, Peggy
Kusicko, John
Kyllo, Mark
Lacy Jr., James
Lampitt, Kathleen
Landis, Michael
Lane, Patricia
Lang, Eugene
Larson, Debra
Larue, Mark
Lawhon, Stella
Lee II, James
Lee, Beom Hyun
Lee, Kum O.
Leobrera, Joselyn
Leobrera, Leo
Ley, Glenn
Linger, Virginia
LoBianco, Andrea
Lobianco, Angela
Loewel, Charles
London, Sharlene
Long, Kenneth
Loyola, Carlos
Ma, Betty
Maier, Fred
Malavenda, David
Manning, Laura
Marlet, Carol
Maros, Debra
Massolio, James
Mathew, Valsala
Mattice, Kathy
Maxilom, Elaine
Mayer, Sharlene
McAvoy, Paul
McCarthy, Robert
McClaskey, Lori
McGillicuddy, Helen
McGowan, Brian
McGurk, Hope
McLain, Kevin
McLoughlin, Kimberly
Medina, Glenn
Melcer, Carol
Melvin, Gary
Mey, Michelle
Meyering, Kurt
Meyers, Timothy
Mikovich, Kathleen
Mikusek, Ronelle
Miller, Debbie
Miller, Lenna
Mitchell, Jennifer
Montgomery, Don
Morang, Joanne
Moreno, Kathy
Morin, Claude
Morin, Linda
Mosely, Vicky
Moser, Donald
Moyer II, Chris
Nash, Amethyst
Neraal, Nils
Newman, Linda
Newton, William
Nichols, Wayne
North Perkins, Debra
Nowall, Robert
Nowlan, Jan
Nurse, Devorah
Oler, Danette
Oliver, Peggy
O'Neill, Deborah
Osman, Margaret
O'Toole, Suzi
Overhultz, James
Parker, Carolina
Parker, Michael
Paschal Murray, Carla
Patel, Megha
Pendarvis, Patricia
Petrillo Jr., George
Philipovich, Connie
Pigott, Pamela J.
Pitasi, Felicia
Pointer, Gregory
Popkey Spice, Donna
Prawl, Angela
Pritchard, Charles
Quigley, Andrew
Quigley, Steven
Quintana, Manuel
Rakocinski, Charles
Ramsey III, James
Ratliff, Candace
Ravellette, Chrystell
Raybourn, Angela
Reaville, Carol
Redavid, Mathew
Reilly, Sandra
Rice, Wayne
Rickman, Gary
Rickman, Lori
Rico, Jamie
Ringsmuth, Jean
Rivers, James
Robertson O'Neill, Jamie
Robertson, Judy
Robinson, Deborah
Rock, David
Rock, Karen
Roe-Elliott, Tina
Rolland, Peggy
Ruska, Edwin
Sacco, Lucille
Salters, Dewitt
Sandt Stevens, Rosemary
Sandt, Timothy
Sasso, Doreen
Sasso, Dominick
Wiser Scott, Melanie
Scurry Wilson, Debora
Sears, Al
Shelor, Diane
Sheppard, Michael
Shorter, M.
Shultes, Candace
Siemers, Jessica
Sinkiewic Nicole
Skaff, Wendy
Skeen, David
Skeen, Laura
Skinner Brillhart, Helen
Slattery, David
Smith, David
Smith, Warren
Snell, Warren
Snyder, Mary
Sparks, Tracy
Spicer, Clyde
St Cyr, Arthur
Staeb, Richard
Stafford, John
Stella, Nicholas
Strunk, Jeremiah
Strunk-Fuller, Diana
Stuckert, Pamela
Summa, Duane
Swindler, Barbara
Terrell, Brenda
Thomas, Brenda
Thomas, Marilynn
Thompson, Deborah
Thompson, Gary
Thompson, Michael
Traylor, Laura
Tripp, Kathleen
Ujlaky - Kriz, Elizabeth
Urbina, Joeseph
Valentine, Robert
VanHall, Timothy
Vatcky, Sue
Vivona, Annette
Vozzella, Karen
Walcott, Samantha
Wallace, David
Walthall, William
Washburn, Anne
Weaver, James
Weaver, Kimberly
Welch, Michael
Wells, Terry
White, Lisa
Wilder, Marty
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Joseph
Williamson, Daniel
Wilt, Walter
Winn, Mark
Wiser, Scott
Withstandley-Loyola, Dawn
Wojtecki, Marion
Wolfe, Kimberly
Wolff, Sherri
Wood, Julian
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Sam
Wooten, Darrell
Wright, Teri
Yacca, Kenneth
Yost Jr, Isaac
Younger II, Robert
Zbieranowski, Mark
Zengel, Nick
Zeske, Judith
Zorrilla, Digna